The Fix-It Man

The Fix-It Man








A young girl believes her father is the king of fixing things. He even knows how to make her ailing mother feel better. However, after her mother passes away, she discovers that superglue and sticky tape can’t fix broken hearts. Together she and her father find a way to glue back the pieces of their lives.

This picture book is a poignant look at the way a young girl copes with the loss of her mother. Replacing and repairing damaged emotions is not always as straightforward as gluing a broken kite back together or sewing up a torn toy. By sticking together with her dad, she is able to strengthen her resilience and ability to cope with one of life’s harsher lessons – loss.

It also addresses the very real situation grieving parents may find themselves in at times of loss (of a partner or loved one); no longer able to adequately console or comfort their dependants, so that the child in turn attempts to ‘fix’ an adult’s grief, ultimately augmenting their own feelings of helplessness when this is not always possible.

The idea spawned from an incident created by my then infant child. A bowl was broken, shattered to splinters, and like many young children who view their parents as omnipresent cure-alls, she immediately presumed Daddy would fix it. It got me thinking, what if a Daddy couldn’t fix something. What if one day, he needed fixing, too? How would a child cope in that situation?

Nicky’s beautiful watercolour illustrations breathe heart and soul into this story. They are exactly the way I envisaged this family and fill me with raw emotion every time I look them.


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Teachers' Notes

Teachers’ Notes

Published: March 2017
Illustrator: Nicky Johnston
Publisher:  EK Books$24.99
ISBN:       978-1925335347
Format:     Hardcover 32pp
Ideal for:   4 – 7 year-olds and lovers of picture books



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Published Reviews and Testimonials:

This is an important book. It’s hard to discuss grief and loss with a young child. The Fix-It man provides a way to do that. Sandy Fussell The Daily Telegraph

We all think it’s lovely – the way in which death and grief is dealt with is gentle and not overpowering. Scholastic Australia

A poignant story of bereavement, this is an excellent starting point for exploring emotions of grief and loss with young children. The Bookseller

Achingly beautiful, The Fix-It Man is a gentle touch that can help children and adults deal with the loss of a loved one … With examples like the patching of a teddy bear starting the mending of two hearts, this book will lead to important discussions about how people move on in a time of loss. NC Teacher Stuff

Written with great compassion by Dimity Powell and beautifully illustrated by Nicky Johnston ‘The Fix-It Man’ is a perfect read for families going through a difficult time of grieving.Hip Little One

This story will pull at the heart strings and prompt conversations otherwise hidden beneath broken hearts Georgie Donaghey, Creative Kids’ Tales

Dimity’s first picture book…is a memorable creation. Heartwarming, moving and thoroughly accessible to the very young–this is a book that will soothe the heart of many a reader. Nicky Johnston’s soft and whimsical illustrations convey warmth and sunshine where it’s called for and monochromatic desolation at just the right time. When it comes to loss and the possibility of understanding and healing, The Fix-It Man has nailed it. Tania McCartney, Kids’ Book Review

A heart wrenching story packed into picture book format, this book will resonate with children who have lost loved ones. A good read aloud about dealing with trials and clinging to your family when the going gets rough. Dena Batch of Books

In The Fix-It Man, author Dimity Powell and illustrator Nicky Johnston have created a truly beautiful book to help kids with their emotional needs around loss. Heartbreaking…yet uplifting. Reena Bilen, The Mummy Project

 5 stars! The kids thought this was sad but enjoyed the story and said it would be great for someone who had lost someone, even a grandparent anyone really was the united opinion. They liked that together they could overcome the sadness. They thought the illustrations were very calming and light
Teachers agreed this would be a wonderful resource for a child dealing with loss with its gentle approach. Reviews by Kids Jr Book Worms Book Review

It is a challenge to cover the deeper topics in life for young children in a way that is relatable, honest and caring, but Dimity Powell’s  The Fix -it-Man sets out to do just that. Nicky Johnston’s gentle joyful and equally caring illustrations take the reader through the happy although sometimes challenging times in a family that is about to be broken by something that just can’t be fixed. June Perkins, Gumbootspearlz

Poignant, perfectly pitched and picture perfect…..this book offers an invaluable sense of hope and comfort. Romi Sharp, Boomerang Books Blog

The Fix-It Man is a story that reflects the challenges of losing a loved one, acknowledging that there is a pain which cannot be fixed, but also acknowledging that with love and support, a child can move forward after a major loss.  Many people avoid the topic of death, but in this book it is addressed respectfully and sensitively, and I believe that this will be a wonderful resource for those helping children deal with grief and loss…it’s beautiful! Sally-Anne McCormack Clinical Psychologist, Media Commentator

Beautifully written and illustrated, The Fix-It Man is a valuable tool for educators, parents, schools and all parents. It shows metaphorically and symbolically that through persevering and getting on with ordinary life tasks, even through the harsh reality of loss, a deeper level of love and understanding can emerge. This is a wonderful book also to benefit men as role models for grieving children, as it shows that both task AND relationship are powerful healers in the grieving process.

Over the past twenty years Paradise Kids has helped children ‘heal the heartache’ through psycho-education about the grief process through art, story-telling, movement, music and literature. We are excited to add this deeply touching story to our resources to help grieving children heal. Deirdre Hanna, Founder and Board Director – Hopewell Hospice Services Inc. and Paradise Kids

This is a poignant story of loss and one that will resonate with many children who have lost a parent or other loved one.  With its gentle text and soft palette, even though it is sad it is not gloomy because the love between this family oozes from the page and from that, the hope is tangible…This book allows conversations to start and explores the way it is an emotion that we each express and deal with in our own way. Barbara Braxton, The Bottom Shelf

The Fix-It Man is a lovely picture book that offers a gentle way for adults to discuss loss, love, and grief with their child. Michelle, In The Good Books Blog

This is a truly moving story. Every word is perfect. Jill Smith PIO e-zine

There’s such symmetry between Dimity’s text and Nicky’s evocative illustrations which take the story to a whole new level.They truly capture the emotion and poignancy of the subject matter and the beautiful relationship between father and daughter.I can see The Fix It Man providing a wonderful conversation book in homes and schools, not just for gently introducing children to the concept of loss, but for building empathy for others.Dee White, Deescribe Writing.

Demonstrates an understanding of the power of storytelling as a tool in allowing children to understand death and loss, or process and express their grief. Richard Spence Thomas, Clinical Psychologist

A beautiful way to talk about loss and grief. Disney Princess magazine issue #88

The readership for this book is endless…as soon as I read the manuscript, I connected with the emotion and beautiful story. Nicky Johnston, Illustrator Interview The Peninsula Star

It’s a beautiful story written by Dimity and it talks about a little girl and her relationship with her dad, who is the king of fixing things, and it looks at how there is hope and joy despite grief and loss.What’s so lovely is that the story tackles a difficult topic in a really sensitive and simplistic way, it’s very hard to find books that do this well. Nicky Johnston, Illustrator Interview Leader Community News Victoria

Featured book in Busy Mums Magazine online as a book that ‘engages and inspires’. March 2017 issue Mums Delivery